The artist side of Karen Vendittti came to fruition through drawing and painting as a young girl growing up in Montreal.
Throughout the years, this self-taught artist quickly developed a true passion for applying brush to canvas, using oil and acrylic paints as her conduit for creative expression.

She has regularly been commissioned to paint in both United States and Canada for those who have seen and cherished her work. Renowned for her ability to portray her subjects in a striking manner through the mystery of their eyes, she communicates with every brushstroke as each portrait has a story all its own. With previous careers in both advertising and fashion,she followed her heart and opened her own art studio in 1997.

It was here that she was able to teach and share her love for painting with her students for 10 years. In that space she has helped connect people with a side of themselves they didn't know they had and has been a guide for many through their own creative processes.

Karens artistic world is one of creative spirit, with a passion for life and all its experiences. These experiences transcend to the artistic and spiritual, leaving her inspired to create and to live her days without regret, while enriching her life and those around her in every way.

Her exhibition entitled "the people of Anguilla" was shown on the island in 2007. Karen is recently married and living in Anguilla . Her love of the Caribbean opened her focus to include the colors and vistas she experiences on a daily basis.











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